Virtual Reality: Design & Code

Have you ever wanted to learn more about virtual reality (VR)? Do you want to code your own unique games and play them in a VR headset? If so, this class is for you!

Escape: Lost Cities

“Unlock” the secrets to ancient civilizations and lost cities! Use your code breaking skills, figure out ciphers, and solve puzzles to open the box!

3D Printing & Design

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to imagine, design, and print your very own 3D creation? In this class, you will learn all about 3D printing, how it works, and learn the software to create your own unique designs!

Wizard Science

It’s not magic, it’s science! Experiment with chemical reactions, acids and bases, and more!

Space Tech & Engineering

Join us as we explore the final frontier – outer space! Come learn about all the amazing technology and engineering that lets us reach infinity… and beyond!

Racer Engineers

Design and build your own racers out of various foam, scraps, cardbard, and more to race in a derby! Compete for speed, distance, and style in a friendly, supportive, and energetic environment!

Electric Inventions

Learn the shocking secrets of electronic circuits and make inventions of your own! You’ll also use a Makey Makey to build fruit pianos, gummy game controllers, and wacky keyboards!