S.T.E.M. Class

Virtual Reality: Design & Code

Grades: After School 3-6, Summer 4-7

Design and code your own reality!

Learn the mechanics of how virtual reality (VR) works and develop your very own VR games! Code using a block-based coding language and create everything from digital zoos to obstacle courses then enter your games and 3D spaces using our VR headsets!

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*This is a Computer Lab Class – We strongly recommend against taking 2 computer lab classes in the same week. It’s too much sitting and screen time! Mix and match with a non computer lab class if your nerd stays all day!


Get ready for an immersive journey into the world of virtual reality (VR), where you’ll unlock the secrets of VR mechanics and create your very own interactive experiences!

In this cutting-edge class, you’ll dive into the mechanics of VR technology and learn the fundamentals of coding using CoBlocks, a block-based coding language designed for nerds of all levels. With access to pro features in CoSpaces, an innovative online coding software, you’ll unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life in stunning 3D environments.

From designing digital zoos teeming with exotic creatures to crafting adrenaline-pumping obstacle courses, the possibilities are endless! You’ll learn how to design, code, and iterate on your creations, honing your problem-solving skills and unleashing your imagination along the way.

Take your creations to the next level as you step inside your own VR worlds using our VR headsets! Experience your games and 3D spaces like never before, immersing yourself in the virtual realms you’ve brought to life with code.

This class is for our techies and gamers! Nerds who love coding and/or video games will have a blast in this class. No VR experience is necessary for students in this class – whether you’re a seasoned veteran with a VR headset or a newcomer to the world of virtual reality, this class will be just as thrilling! Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to try a VR headset on, this is your chance.

Over the 5 days of this class, your nerd will design and create awesome interactive 3D landscapes and environments! We will start with putting together 3D spaces through a fun project – building your very own zoo (Fantasy animals welcome, of course)!

Next, nerds will code moving obstacles like ramps, doors, and moving platforms, and program different characters to speak and performs actions. Then, we will combine all of these skills to make engaging games like obstacle courses and mazes that are fully playable in VR headsets!

Nerds will be able to share their 3D spaces and code with one another and show off their creations. Your Nerd will also have access to their Cospaces account for 1 month after the end of class, and they will be able to access their 3D spaces online forever!

Your nerd will learn the mechanics of how virtual reality works and design games for VR devices! Nerds will build virtual worlds using CoSpaces, an online VR builder. Then, they will learn to code using a block-based coding language called CoBlocks, which is built into CoSpaces. (For any nerds who would prefer to type out code, CoBlocks has an option for that!)

Nerds will also learn basic coding concepts like loops, conditional statements, functions, and variables. We’ll apply these coding concepts when we weave them into our games and make them even more interactive! Plus, you’ll get to learn to use a VR headset and design games for VR devices!

SUMMER & BREAK CLASSES ONLY: Class is 3hrs each day, so bring a snack for break time. Also, bring your own refillable water bottle. Don’t have one? Add our Nerding water bottle to your order and pick up on first day of class!


Your nerd will build and discover like these nerds have.


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