Summer Classes

The following is our standard refund/cancellation policy. We may change this policy at anytime to better suit our customers and offerings. Last Updated: March 6, 2022

Why we suggest taking an Account Credit?
Stripe, our credit card payment processor, takes 3% on each transaction. When we refund you your full amount, Stripe doesn’t give that 3% back to us to give to you. That means, for us to refund the full amount to your card, we have to add that 3% out of our pockets to make your refund whole. We understand this is just part of doing business. However we may suggest an account credit whenever it makes the most sense. That way you don’t wait 5-10 business days for your refund and we don’t lose an extra 3%. We suggest account credits, if you aren’t sure what your final plan is (we can always refund your card later), if you are likely to sign up for another class the same summer, or are a diehard Nerding fam and plan on using the credit next year!

15+ Day Notice: Full Refund to Your Card

8-14 Day Notice: Full Refund as Account Credit

0-7 Day Notice: No Refund


To Request a refund or class switch contact us here. Please give us exact class details such as class title, location, date, and time

About Account Credits:

You can elect to take an account credit. We will cancel the class and add the amount to your account. Account credits are good for the lifetime of Nerding! You can always see your credit amount in your account. They are super easy to use! You just click apply on the last page of checkout!

About Switching Classes:

Just contact us with the classes you want to switch. If there is a price difference we will refund your card, credit your account, or charge you the difference.