In-Person Summer Classes

Request a refund or class switch by contacting us here Please give us exact details on class when, where, and what time.

The following is our standard refund/cancellation policy. We may change this policy at anytime to better suit our customers and products.

Account Credit:

You can elect to take an account credit. We will cancel the class and add the amount to your account. Account credits are good for the lifetime of Nerding!

Switching Classes:

Just contact us with the classes you want to switch. If there is a price difference we will charge you the difference or refund or credit your account.

Full Refund:

No Refund or Credit:

3% Fee Transparency

*Fee Transparency: Our policy for refunds have always included a minus 3% processing fee because our payment processor Stripe does not refund us the 3% processing fee collected at the time of your payment. We want you to understand this is not money we keep from your payment, it is money Stripe keeps from your payment. Out of a $100 payment Stripe takes about $3 so we see $97. If we refund you the full $100 we send back the $97 plus another $3 from our own account to make it a full $100 refund. So each full refund of the original amount would cost us 3%.