Summer Classes

Cancelation Policy

We may change this policy at anytime to better suit our customers and offerings.
Last Updated: March, 2024

About our 3% fee for card refunds and why we suggest taking an Account Credit.

We understand that cancelation and refund can be a hassle, and we want to make this process as smooth as possible for you. To ensure transparency, we’d like to explain our refund policy in detail. When you choose to receive a refund on your card, please note that our credit card payment processor, Stripe, charges a fee of around 3% for each transaction. Unfortunately, we don’t receive a refund for this fee when we issue a refund to you. As a result, we have to cover this cost out of our own pockets to ensure that you receive your full refund amount.

To make things easier and faster for you, we suggest opting for an account credit whenever possible. For instance, if you’ve spent $225, we can issue a full credit of $225 to your Nerding account. This credit can be easily applied to your checkout total when you’re ready to use it. Not only does this eliminate any waiting time for refunds, but it also saves us the additional 3% charge, which we can pass on to you as credit.

We hope this explanation helps you understand our refund policy better and assures you that we are doing everything we can to make the refund process hassle-free for you. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

15+ Day Notice


100% Account Credit
or -3% Card Refund

  • Card Refund minus ~3% fee. (Ex: $6.75 per $225 class) 
  • Account Credit – this works best if you know you can’t make the class you signed up for but are unsure if you will switch to another class or just keep it until next summer No fee. $195 class = $195 credit
  • Consider switching classes – We can switch you to another class for this summer at no cost to you, unless there is a difference in price.

8-14 Day Notice


100% Account Credit

  • if you cancel between 1 and 2 weeks before class starts.
  • Full refund of class cost to your Nerding account as a credit.
  • Consider switching classes – We can switch you to another class for this summer at no cost to you, unless there is a difference in price.

0-7 Day Notice


No Refund

  • if you cancel within a week of your class start date.

Please take this into consideration. We have staffed and planned supplies to accommodate your child. Our official rule is no refund, but we are super understanding. Let us know why you need to cancel so close to the start date. Maybe we can work with you on a solution. We will consider a class switch if there is room in another class. This is best done with a phone call. 

Request a Cancellation or Class Switch

To request a refund or class switch, click the button below.


You can elect to take an account credit. We will cancel the class and add the amount to your Nerding account. Account credits are good for the lifetime of Nerding! You can always see your credit amount in your account. They are super easy to use! You just click apply on the last page of checkout!

In the unlikely event Nerding cancels a class for any reason we will give you the option to switch to another class, account credit, or full refund to your card. Your full refund will be the actual cost of class, no 3% fee deduction.