Summer Class

Sphero: Robotics and Programming

Grades 4-7

Print your imagination into the palm of your hand!

Learn about everything robotics in this class and learn to program Sphero bots!


Learn to program robots using Sphero, a powerful rolling robot! Build critical thinking and problem-solving skills as you tackle maze competitions, code tasks, build robo-boats, and complete exciting robot challenges! We will also study the history of robotics and current developments in robotic technologies used in industry, health, and exploration.

This is the perfect class for nerds who are interested in 3D printing technology and the amazing impact it has – and will continue to have – in today’s world! We’ll use TinkerCad, an easy-to-use online program, to learn how to design and build our awesome creations.

Successful nerds are imaginative learners who enjoy visual planning and designing on the computer. Nerds will share their clever ideas and projects during the week!

Your nerd will also interact with kids with similar creative interests and will make new friends as they cheer each other on.

We will be working in a browser-based program called TinkerCAD. We will manage your nerd’s account and set them up on the first day of class. They will have access to this account and can continue to design for all eternity! Their designs are downloadable for future printing.

Nerds will also design and print a personalized keychain and “final print” of their choice, and it can be as big as approximately 4x4x4 inches. They will also take home several small test prints, like Pikachus, dice, small astronauts, etc.

There are also a few non-computer-based builds in this class like a model prosthetic hand!

We’ll learn using in-class demonstrations and additional online tutorials to view after class. We’ll talk about the engineering design process and how to think about continuous improvement in our designs. We’ll also talk about what industries are using 3D printing today and the incredible improvements being made in our society, especially in health care!

Over the 5 days of this class nerds will:

  • Learn about the 3D printing process
  • Discover how 3D printing is benefitting the world with inexpensive prosthetics
  • Learn to use the design tools in TinkerCAD
Our Big Nerds classes for grades 4-7, are engaging and exciting and vary greatly in content and structure, but in some form there is always direct instruction from the teacher, guided practice, and independent or small group work with help and support from peers and staff. We usually begin the day with a team building activity and move into our first lesson. Next is a hands-on activity or project. Halfway through the class, kids will take a brief recess and snack break. A second lesson follows break and the kids will do another project/activity or continue one they were working on. It’s always fun and engaging with hands-on projects!

Class is 3hrs each day, so bring a snack for break time. Also, bring your own refillable water bottle. Don’t have one? Add our Nerding water bottle to your order and pick up on first day of class!


Your nerd will build and discover like these nerds have.

COVID-19 Safety

Read about the measures we are taking to provide safe in-person summer STEM classes.


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Summer Class

Eduprize (Gilbert, Arizona)
Week long (M-F) | 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm


Registration for summer 2022 classes will open Saturday, Feb 26, 2022 @ 10am


$169 - $195


Class locations, dates, and times will appear here when Summer registration opens.

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