STEM Lesson Series Lesson 10: Straw Rockets

For Grades: K - 6

Step 1 - Introduction


Lesson Overview

Build your own straw rockets! *Don’t poke your eye out.*

Step 2 - Learn More

For Grades K-6

How Does a Rocket Fly

This cartoon video is geared toward younger kids, but the info is great for all. Learn about the forces needed to launch a rocket! Hint: Newton’s Laws of Motion!

For Grades 3-6

How Rockets Work

This one is funny but informative. Hint again: More Newton’s Laws of Motion!

Step 3 - Your Project


Straw Rocket

The Challenge: Build a straw rocket!

  • Materials
    • Thin Straw – (like small Starbucks straw)
    • Thick Straw –  (like large Starbucks straw)
    • Hot glue or clay or tape (to plug tip of thick straw)
    • Empty Kool-Aid Burst bottle (optional)
  • Instructions
    • Use hot glue, tape, or modeling clay to plug the end of the thick straw
    • Place thick straw (rocket) over thin straw (launcher) and blow through the thin straw. BLAST OFF!
    • If you have an empty Kool-Aid Burst bottle, you can insert the small launcher straw into the tip and seal with tape or hot glue to make a squeeze launcher!
  • Do some SCIENCE!
    • Make changes to your rockets or launcher and see how it affects your flights!


Step 4 - Share


Share with someone you love!

Share with someone you love! Today’s recommendation is to call a grandparent (or older family member) that doesn’t live at your house, and tell them about your project!

  • Possible things to talk about:
    • What did you learn?
    • What did you build?
    • What problems did you run into?
    • How did you solve them?
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