S.T.E.M. Class

Music Science & Ukulele

Grades: 1-3*

A Hands-On Exploration of Sound, Music, and Ukulele!

UDATED this year with UKULELE! This awesome class is BACK with Mrs. Q, an amazing general ed music teacher! Learn about the science behind sound and music, discover instruments, learn ukulele basics, create your own crazy instruments and do sound experiments!

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Q. Why did the girl sit on the ladder to sing? A. She wanted to reach the high notes!


UPDATED for 2024 with UKULELE!

Are you ready to embark on a musical and scientific adventure unlike any other? Join us for “Music Science & Ukulele” with our fantastic music teacher, Mrs. Q, who brings the joy of music to students at Hancock Elementary in CUSD during the school year and Nerding over the summer!

In this dynamic summer class designed for young explorers in grades 1-3*, you’ll dive headfirst into the captivating realm of sound and music. Get ready to unleash your creativity as we introduce you to the enchanting world of the UKULELE! With our class set of ukuleles at your disposal, you’ll learn the fundamentals of strumming and simple chords, unlocking the potential to play your favorite tunes!

But wait, there’s more! Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the fascinating science behind sound. Through hands-on activities and engaging experiments, you’ll discover the secrets of sound! From crafting DIY instruments like shakers, drums, and kazoos to conducting experiments that explore the properties of sound waves, you’ll be captivated by the wonders of acoustics. We will even play music right off of a spinning record with only a paper cone and a pin!

By the end of our week together, you’ll emerge as a true maestro of music and a savvy scientist of sound!

**Note: This class is about sound and it is well managed by the teacher, but noise level could be overwhelming to some sound sensitive nerds.

*Entering 4th graders are welcome in this class if they are interested in the content and don’t mind being with younger nerds.

This class is the perfect fit for curious young musicians who love to explore and create! If you’re a kid who loves to listen to music and wonders how it’s made, then this is the class for you! Whether you’ve never made an instrument before or you play an instrument of your own, you’ll have a blast learning how to build your own unique creations. If you’re the kind of kid who loves to experiment and discover new things, then you’ll fit right in with our sound explorers!


Nerds will imagine and create amazing musical projects like:

  • Percussion, wind and string instruments (Did you know that the human voice is a wind instrument?!)
  • Glass bottle flute
  • Acoustic devices
  • Instrument mods to change sounds
  • Cone amplifier to play a real record
  • Musical compositions to share with the class!


This is a very hands-on class, learning and experimenting with the science of sound and how sound is created and moves through vibrations! Kids will learn ukulele basics, including strumming and a few basic chords, which is all you need to know to play lots of great songs!

Our Little Nerd classes for grades 1-3, are engaging and exciting and vary greatly in content and structure, but in some form there is always direct instruction from the teacher, guided practice, and independent or small group work with help and support from peers and staff. We usually begin the day with a team building activity and move into our first lesson. Next is a hands-on activity or project. Halfway through the class, kids will take a brief recess and snack break. A second lesson follows break and the kids will do another project/activity or continue one they were working on. Bottom line: It’s hands-on, interactive, fun learning.

SUMMER & BREAK CLASSES ONLY: Class is 3hrs each day, so bring a snack for break time. Also, bring your own refillable water bottle. Don’t have one? Add our Nerding water bottle to your order and pick up on first day of class!


Your nerd will build and discover like these nerds have.


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