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Wizard Science – After School

Grades 3-5

It's leviOsa, not leviosA!

It's not magic, it's science! Experiment with chemical reactions, acids and bases, and more!

What spell does a wizard use to fill up the gas tank on his car? Expecto petroleum!


Welcome to Hognerds School of SCIENCE and Wizardry! It’s not magic… IT’S SCIENCE! Experiment with chemical reactions in Transfiguration, static electricity in Charms, and acids and bases in Potions. Defense Against the Dark Arts (AKA safety) will be practiced at all times! PLUS you get to dress up in wizard robes (yes, we have a class set of robes…) and make a wand!

This is the PERFECT class for any nerds who love fantasy and magic (especially Harry Potter fans ?). Anyone who wants to learn about science within the context of spells and use chemistry and physics to do things that seem like magic will have a blast in Wizard Science.

Nerds in this class will put together tons of fun experiments! We’ll make things like glowing slime, levitating spheres, bubbles that you can hold, ink that appears and disappears, and exploding toothpaste! Nerds will also have the opportunity to design and build their very own wand, the essential tool for every witch and warlock.

Nerds in this class learn a bunch about chemistry and physics through the activities that we do in class. We touch on topics like states of matter, density, electric charge, and more! We’ll use ingredients like Horn of Bicorn (baking soda) to make awesome chemical reactions! We’ll also use a handful of spells to help us along the way ;).


Your nerd will build and discover like these nerds have.


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