A friend recommended Nerding!

These classes look so fun. A friend recommended the summer camp after her kids did the 3d printing class last year. My kids are very excited to try the classes this year

He always has a great time each summer!

My son has taken classes from Nerding two different summers. He would come home happy from a week of learning and always had a great time. I highly recommend it!

My kids LOVE Nerding

My kids LOVE Nerding classes and pester me each year to make sure I sign them up. The classes are so well run and I’m amazed at how many talented and amazing teachers they have on staff. We can’t wait for the online classes!

NERDING has been life changing for their STEM IQ

As a woman with a Masters Degree in a science educational field, it’s vital to me that I surround my 3 daughters with strong women STEM role models at a young age to build their STEM confidence. NERDING has been life changing for their STEM IQ, passion for science, confidence development, and vision for STEM […]

They sparked her love for everything STEM

My family LOVES Nerding classes! Our oldest daughter took her first Nerding class four years ago, which sparked her love for everything STEM related, and since then, she and her sister have become total science nerds!

He retained the information and loved it.

R LOVED the classes and I really liked coming to his final day to watch his rocket launch for Space Science. You are fantastic. You have such a fun adventurous spirit and I think the kids really respond to that. R actually modified his rocket for his first ever science project. He retained the information […]