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My nerd is a too old/young for a class. Can I enroll them anyway?

As you may have noticed, our age groups are narrower than most other programs. It’s not an accident. Meeting the needs of a wide range of ablilites in a class is difficult, even for us veteran teachers. We want all the nerds in our classes to get the most out of their experience, so…

Too young? If your nerd is too young for a class, as a general rule, no they can’t enroll. This gets dicey, especially for those youngest nerds. We drew a hard line that the Mini Nerds must turn 5 years old by 12/31/18. Also, we know from experience that the entering 1st graders have a tough time in the 2nd-3rd grade classes.

Too old? It’s probably fine. If you feel your nerd would be more succesful in a younger age group or has technically aged out, contact me.

Are there discounts?


I’m not sure if this is a dumb idea or a genius one… I know that coupons and discounts are a good marketing strategy, but it’s just doesn’t fit well with our values. I know what our costs are to keep amazing certified teachers and awesome tech tools in our classrooms and I absolutely will not increase a class price just to give out a discount. Instead, I’m just making the cost of the class as low as possible for you… always.

Another option for bringing down costs for you: Consider assisting with the class! Contact me!

I am truly interested on your feedback on our pricing.

Fun fact: Our classes have gotten longer AND come down in price since we first started!

Can I order shorter Extended Care hours?

You can now order Before and After Care separatly for $40 each. Before Care can drop off anytime between 8 and 9:30 am. After Care can pick up anytime between 4 and 5:30pm. Shorter weeks are prorated. 

Extended Care is only available for grades 2-7.

Visit the Extended Care class page to add to your cart.

Can I volunteer?

Um, YEAH! Parents are always welcome in our classrooms and we love help!

If you aren’t a parent, you must be at least 15 and be comfortable working with kids!

Contact Niecy!

My nerd is taking an AM and PM class. How does lunch work?

You do NOT have to pick up your nerd for lunch break. Pack a lunch from home and we will supervise during the class break.

Please pack a ready to eat lunch. Nerds won’t have access to a fridge or microwave.

What are the cancellation policies?

School Year Classes – Contact Kyrene Community Ed

  • Full refunds for Enrichment classes (Nerding) are issued six days prior to the start of a class or camp.
  • Refunds are not issued less six days prior to the first day of an Enrichment class (Nerding).
  • If a student is suspended or expelled from any program or school, no refund is issued.

Summer Camps – Contact Niecy

  • Full refunds minus $10 per class are issued if withdrawn more than 2 weeks before class starts.
  • No refunds will be issued within 2 weeks of start date.
  • In the event a class is cancelled due to low enrollment and an alternate choice is unavailable, full refunds are issued.
  • If a student is suspended or expelled from any program no refund is issued.

What if my nerd has special needs?

Having special needs absolutely does NOT exclude your nerd from Nerding. It’s imporatant for nerds of all backgounds and ability levels to experience STEM.

Of course, we are not necessarily equipped to handle all situations. Nerds do need to be able to handle a classroom setting and work independently, please refer to our behavior guidelines. We are also open to a parent attending class with their child or other creative solutions. Contact me to discuss.

Behavior Guidelines

What should my Nerd bring to camp?

Each nerd will want:

  • Water bottle
  • Snack(s)
  • Lunch if staying all day
  • Maybe- light jacket if we crank down the AC…

Optional! Other things we can always use to replenish our stash:

  • Junk/recyclables/clean, flat cardboard
  • Paper towel tubes
  • Old electronics that we can take apart
  • Random craft supplies

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