We are actually still on a break. But unlike Ross, we are remaining faithful to Nerding during our break. ha. Can you tell Niecy and I have been binging on some Friends episodes.

It’s now the middle of Sept and since Aug 1 we have been decompressing and transitioning out of, what can only be described as, Crisis Mode. We are reflecting on our digital/virtual summer and brainstorming the future of Nerding. Of course, along with cleaning the house, and learning to cook for ourselves. 🙂

This is just a short post to update everyone on where and what we are up to.

We are staying safe here at home. Only going out for necessities.

The heat is on a downward trend here in AZ, which is making for a nice mental wellness boost!

We aren’t ready to announce exactly when online classes or courses will be offered. Rest assured, we have plans in the works.

Sincerely, here is to everyone feeling well and staying safe.

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