We Have Hired Amazing New Teachers

March 9, 2019



So excited to welcome to the Nerding Family some new Ultra Nerds – Ooooh, is that what we should call the teachers? 😉

Jess Suri – K-6 STEM Teacher (Paradise Valley)
Ms. Suri loves engineering and space! She and her students even built a life size model of a Mars Rover! She’ll be teaching some sessions of 3D Printing and 2 brand new classes this summer for 4th-7th graders: Zombie Survival STEM Challenge and Space Tech & Engineering (not a new class title, but will actually be a ton of new content)

Alena Almendarez – 5th Grade Science Teacher (Brisas)
Ms. Almendarez carries a Marauder’s Map purse. Does that answer your questions?  She’ll be teaching Wizard Science for 4th-7th (are you surprised?) and Use the Force for 2nd-3rd graders. She also maybe loves Star Wars…

Heather Vehon – 4th Grade Teacher (Eduprize Gilbert)
Ms. Vehon loves science! While studying the human body, she and her class built a “functioning” model of the digestive system. It pooped! She’ll be teaching Circuits with Makey Makey for 4th-7th graders.

Jennifer Leopardi – K-5 Media Specialist (Waggoner)
Ms. Leopardi love-love-loves books, but she also loves tech and has been incorporating Maker Space projects into the library! She will be teaching Storybook Adventure STEM Challenge and Robotics with Ozobot for 2nd-3rd graders!

Shea Evans – K-5 Resource Teacher (Mirada)
Mr. Evans likes to wear a bowtie and may or may not own a button down Pikachu shirt. He will be teaching Space Explorers for 2nd-3rd graders and Drones for 4th-7th graders, but he is also super pumped to teach a brand new class, Virtual Reality for 4th-7th!

Stacey Trepanier – 6th Grade Teacher (New Vistas)
You may say Ms. Trepanier is a “history buff”. You may even say that she is the “National History Day Coordinator for the state of Arizona”… because she is! She’ll be usin’ all that history in the Escape Room: World Wonders class for 4th-7th. She also loves our boy HP, so she’ll be teachin’ Wizard Science, too!


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