Having special needs absolutely does NOT exclude your nerd from Nerding. It’s important for nerds of all backgrounds and ability levels to experience STEM. We believe that all kids should have access to STEM experiences and have had many students with special needs of some type. Of course, we are not equipped to accommodate all situations. Nerds do need to be able to handle a classroom setting and work independently. We don’t have the resources for individual aides or behavior support. If a kiddo is well behaved and can follow directions in a classroom, they would be absolutely fine. Academically we are easily able to differentiate instruction and projects to meet their needs, though some classes might be a better fit than others. In the past, we’ve also partnered some of our special needs kids with a kind and understanding group of peers to help them during class and our student to teacher ratio is 10:1. We have also worked with parents who provided their own professional aid to accompany their kiddo in class.  Contact us to discuss further. (833)-NERDING