As you may have noticed, our age groups are narrower than most other programs. It’s not an accident. This actually helps us maintain quality because the teachers have a narrower age range of students and the curriculum is designed specifically for those age groups. Meeting the needs of a wide range of abilities in a class is difficult, even for us veteran teachers. Also, a kiddo that is academically ready for more difficult content still may not have the maturity needed to be appropriate in a class of older kids. We know all kids are different, but this is something that helps us provide the best possible classes to all our nerds. We want all the nerds in our classes to get the most out of their experience.nnIf your nerd is too young for a class, as a general rule, no they can’t enroll. We drew a hard line that the Mini Nerds must turn 5 years old by 12/31 of this year. Also, we know from experience that the entering 1st graders have a tough time in the 2nd-3rd grade classes, and putting a 3rd grader in a 4th – 7th, a class that will also have 7th graders, is not usually appropriate even if they can handle the content.nnToo old? If you feel your nerd would be more successful in a younger age group or has technically aged out, contact us first. We can discuss specific classes and work with you for proper placement.