Summer 2020 is Coming…

We’ve missed you!

Registration begins March 1!
Class schedule is not up yet, but it will be available that morning, if not sooner! The registration page will look a bit different (read: EASIER)! YAY!!! 

We’ve GROWN! 2 Awesome Locations!
Both locations are pretty close together (about 5 miles) so be sure to check out the class offerings at both to see what makes the most sense for you!

CHANDLER campus: 
Desert Sun Child Development Center (Elliot/Dobson)
We love DS and we are so happy to be back! Desert Sun is a fantastic preschool/kindergarten during the year and it has a shady field and playground, private parking lot, and tons of charm.
Classes at Desert Sun run May 26 – July 17
Grades: K-1, 2-3, and 4-7

GILBERT campus: 
Eduprize (Baseline/Stapley)
We are so pumped about this expansion! Eduprize, the first charter school in AZ, has a beautiful campus and we will be in Building 4, just off Baseline. It’s got a high-tech computer lab, gym area, and easy access right off the freeway!
Classes at Eduprize run June 8 – July 10
Grades: 2-3 and 4-7

Hope to see you!
I’ll update you on Sunday when registration opens. We hope to see your nerdy faces this summer!

Hugs and high-fives,

Niecy & Micah

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