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I need my SPACE!

Join our Astronaut Training program! In this class learn about our solar system: what's in it, how it formed, and how we are exploring it!

Q. What is an astronaut’s favorite key on the keyboard? A. The space bar!


Join the NERD Astronaut Training Program! In this class learn about our solar system: what’s in it, how it formed, and how we are exploring it! We will experiment with the forces that shape our universe, build, test, and launch rockets, make a comet, and touch real meteorites as we explore and discover space.

Are you a star-gazer? An adventurer? Hop in the ship and let’s BOLDLY GO! In this class, nerds learn a ton about space exploration, but they also get to build, imagine, and create! Sometimes we are learning together and discussing what difficulties we might have living in space, and other times we are working in interactive stations throughout the room sending “planets” (marbles) around a “star” (weight) in our gravity well demonstration (its like a trampoline)! There is lots of science in this class, but it isn’t about memorizing facts. This class is about wondering, discovering, and building!

  • construct scale models of our Solar System
  • build straw rockets and launchers
  • create your own Space Station
  • build your own planet and observe it with the “telescope” you design
  • assemble a Mars Rover
  • Moon and the Apollo missions
  • Life on the International Space Station
  • What’s in our Solar System
  • How gravity works
  • Rocket Science!


Your nerd will build and discover like these nerds have.


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