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Space Tech & Engineering


Are you ready to shape the future of space exploration?

Join us as we explore the final frontier - outer space! Come learn about all the amazing technology and engineering that lets us reach infinity... and beyond!

Q: Why did the cow go to space? A: To see the MOOOOOOn!



Are you ready to engineer your own space tech? The infinite sea of outer space is becoming more and more accessible to humanity through all kinds of crazy and awesome new technologies, and space travel is coming closer and closer with each day. In this brand-new class, we’ll get to design and build space inventions like Mars Rover models, telescopes, space stations, and more! We will learn all about air pressure, friction, drag, gravity, and the amazing physics that fuels these technologies! Let’s blast off and play with the forces that shape our universe! 🌌

If you enjoy Bill Nye or Mark Rober, this class will be a dream come true for you!

Space Tech & Engineering is stellar for anyone who has ever looked up at the stars and wondered what lies beyond our planet. Any nerds who love astronomy, space travel, or even space-based science fiction will absolutely love this class! If you hope to see humanity exploring other galaxies and outer space being accessible to everyone within your lifetime, this class will show you the technology that could make that day possible!👽

Nerds in this class build lots of awesome cosmic creations! We will design models of the solar system that are more accurate than the ones you see online, make stomp rocket launchers 🚀 and models of rovers and satellites 🛰, and fabricate our very own telescopes 🔭. We will even get to play around with gravity using our very own gravity well! Through class activities, we’ll learn all about cutting-edge space technology!

In this class, Nerds learn about all sorts of transplanetary topics. We will learn about the forces of flight, Newton’s laws, and gravity, and explore how they enable massive rockets to blast off into the cosmos! We will also learn about the history of our solar system and just how big it actually is. We will even talk about out-of-this-world ideas like space colonies, robot astronauts, future missions, and the forces that formed our universe! 🧑‍🚀

Our Big Nerds classes for grades 4-7, are engaging and exciting and vary greatly in content and structure, but in some form there is always direct instruction from the teacher, guided practice, and independent or small group work with help and support from peers and staff. We usually begin the day with a team building activity and move into our first lesson. Next is a hands-on activity or project. Halfway through the class, kids will take a brief recess and snack break. A second lesson follows break and the kids will do another project/activity or continue one they were working on. It’s always fun and engaging with hands-on projects!

Class is 3hrs each day, so bring a snack for break time. Also, bring your own refillable water bottle. Don’t have one? Add our Nerding water bottle to your order and pick up on first day of class!


Your nerd will build and discover like these nerds have.

Your Teacher

Ms Bishop

Let’s enter Astronaut Training together and learn about the history and FUTURE of space travel! There are some really amazing technologies that NASA and other companies like Space Ex are testing and discovering right now! We are living in an amazing time!

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Summer Class

Eduprize (Gilbert, Arizona)
Week long (M-F) | 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm





Summer 2021 was awesome! Check back in Feb 2022 for our summer schedule. Registration for summer 2022 classes will open late Feb or early March!

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