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CARdboard Derby – Maker Lab


Build, test, improve, race!

Build your own Pinewood Derby-style racecar out of foam, PVC pipes, cardboard, and more, and race against your classmates!

Q: Why couldn’t the frog find where he parked his car? A: He’d been toad!



In this action-packed class, you will get to make and race your very own Pinewood Derby-style car! There is one twist, however: you can only use material from recyclables to put your car together. We have a Pinewood Derby racetrack for everyone to test their cars on, and we will wrap up the week with a friendly race! If you love to make things out of junk, if you enjoy cars and racing, and if you want to have some fun, this is the class for you!

This is the ideal class for anyone who loves to make things out of recyclables, and anyone who loves cars! If you think you’d enjoy designing and building your own Pinewood Derby-style car out of cardboard and plastic and racing it against your classmates, you will LOVE this class!

Nerds in this class make Pinewood Derby-style race cars out of recyclable materials. Nerds will design their own cars and spend the week building, testing, and improving upon their designs. Students in this class gain a lot of insight into how small design details can drastically change performance, like the way they place the wheels on their car or the way the car’s weight is distributed.

Nerds will need to figure out how to make the fastest car they can using only the available materials. However, this challenge is one that everyone can overcome with the powers of imagination and engineering!

Nerds learn about some basic engineering principles like simple machines that they can use to put their cars together. Throughout the building process, nerds figure out how their car’s design affects its performance, and see how changing small details can have a big impact.

Nerds will also learn about the Engineering Design Process, a process that engineers use to design, build, and improve their creations. They will be able to test their racecars and conceive ways to make them even faster and stronger. Through this process, nerds learn about planning their creations and being willing to make changes to make them better, even if it means doing something over again.

Our Big Nerds classes for grades 4-7, are engaging and exciting and vary greatly in content and structure, but in some form there is always direct instruction from the teacher, guided practice, and independent or small group work with help and support from peers and staff. We usually begin the day with a team building activity and move into our first lesson. Next is a hands-on activity or project. Halfway through the class, kids will take a brief recess and snack break. A second lesson follows break and the kids will do another project/activity or continue one they were working on. It’s always fun and engaging with hands-on projects!

Class is 3hrs each day, so bring a snack for break time. Also, bring your own refillable water bottle. Don’t have one? Add our Nerding water bottle to your order and pick up on first day of class!


Your nerd will build and discover like these nerds have.

Your Teacher

Mr. Norman

“Get ready to build some FAST cars! Maybe some WEIRD cars, too! That’s cool.” -Mr. Norman (Mr. Norman is currently nominated for Tempe Diablos TEACHER OF THE YEAR! He would never brag, so we will for him. We love Mr. Norman!)

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In-Person Class

Heartwood (Mesa, Arizona)
Eduprize (Gilbert, Arizona)

Week long (M-F) | 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm





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Heartwood, JUN 28-JUL 02, 1pm-4pm, 4th-7th, Mr Norman

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Heartwood, JUL 06-09 (no Mon), 9am-12pm, 4th-7th, Mr Norman

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Heartwood, JUL 12-16, 1pm-4pm, 4th-7th, Mr Norman

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