Switch Class

Use this form if you already registered for a class but would like to move your child to a different class!

Hi! So you would like to switch your registration to another class. No problem as long as there is room in the class you want to switch to. This has to be done manually by Micah on the backend of the site. He will review your request as soon as possible. Be aware there might be a charge or refund if the new class is a different price.

Switching Class Policy:

smile 7 Day Notice! Give us enough notice, and this is never a problem.

frown The only time this may become tough is within 7 days of class starting. Switching classes with this late of notice starts to fall into a grey area of cancellation! Since you are moving out of one class it is similar to cancelling that seat in that class. It may be hard to fill that seat last minute. We usually work with you to the best of our ability to make your request happen. Just wanted to communicate the possible difficulty if your request is last minute.

frown No refunds for canceling a class you have switched into.

Switch Class Request Form

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