On Sunday, March 17, 2019, we updated our site with a new look and opened registration for summer 2019 classes! We are so excited! Here’s all the new and not new stuff…

NEW Website Design and Checkout
I don’t want to say the website got a facelift… more like it’s been going to the gym! Micah has been working on it nonstop for months! The registration process is streamlined and should be EASY! It is still the same system as last year, so returning nerds can just login and update grade level.

Same Awesome Location
Desert Sun Child Development Center (Elliot/Dobson)
We love DS! We are renting the entire campus, so it will be all nerds, all the time. It has 6 classrooms, a shady field and playground, private parking lot, and tons of charm.

NEW Hours
AM class 9:00-12:00
PM class 1:00- 4:00
(Nerds that stay for both need to pack their own lunch.)

NEW Teachers
Our staff is the absolute BEST this summer! All certified teachers with years of classroom experience. Welcome to the team:

NEW Classes 
All your favorites are back PLUS new ones like:

Sort of new or new themes:

OLD me
Still same old me. I’m so happy to be on this journey with all of you.