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Virtual Reality: Coding & Design

Grades 4-6
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Design and code your own reality!

Are you interested in playing and then making virtual reality games and experiences? Do you want to learn to code your own unique games that you can have your friends and family play in a 3D virtual environment at home? *no headset required*

Upcoming Sessions:

Spring Break Week-Long Class

March 8th – 12th (Mon-Fri)
Grades 4-6 @ 1pm – 2pm (AZ Time)
Grades 4-6 @ 2pm – 3pm (AZ Time)

class meets 1 hr per day for 5 days
All times are UTC -7 Arizona time

max 10 nerds per class


In this week-long online class your nerd will become an VR programmer creating immersive landscapes and interactive elements! They will share their clever designs, ideas, and projects during the 1hr online Zoom session and will meet other nerds who are also enthusiastic about programming and gaming.

This class is for our techies and gamers! Nerds who will enjoy this class love coding, testing and playing video games. Nerds will share their clever ideas and projects during the week and also make new friends who are enthusiastic about programming and gaming.

Over the 5 days of this class your nerd will:

  • Design and create awesome interactive landscapes, buildings, and environments
  • Code moving obstacles like ramps, doors, and moving platforms and characters to encounter
  • Connect with new friends!

Your nerd will learn the mechanics of virtual reality, how it works, and then learn to code using a block based coding language called CoBlocks.  Your nerd will get pro access to CoSpaces, an online coding software, and learn how to design and build their own unique characters and worlds and program them to interact.

  • design 3D environments and manipulate objects with editing tools
  • code objects to move or interact
  • Learn coding concepts such as loops, conditional statements, functions, and variables

In-class demonstrations, after class video tutorials, and group work within the software create a well rounded class experience nerds thrive in.

Our small group classes facilitate engaging discussions about the Engineering Design Process and how to think about continuous improvement in our designs. In addition, we review existing games that use VR technology and discuss the designs and programming behind them.

Your Teacher

Ms. Westmoreland (Niecy)

Co-founder of Nerding, teacher for 14 years, and writer of the curriculum for this class.

What You Need

  1. Zoom: Your nerd will be participating in a virtual classroom for the 1 hour teacher led portion of the class using Zoom. Nerds will share their projects, opinions, and discoveries  with 5 to 10 other nerds and celebrate their successes together!
  2. Project After Class: They will then work independently for 1 additional hour after class on an assigned project or in the companion course .
  3. Companion Course: By enrolling in this class nerds will also unlock the day-by-day companion course materials below which will supplement their learning outside of the live Zoom session and includes additional video tutorials or directions to complete their projects.
  • Laptop, desktop or Chromebook required – cannot use tablet or phone.
  • Must have Zoom application installed on computer (no browser based Zoom)
  • Mouse (highly recommended)
  • No other downloads or prep needed.
  • No VR headset needed! You can always play in your VR environment on the computer.
  • Optional ways to enhance your VR experience:
    • Phone/Tablet: you can download the CoSpaces app for Apple and Android devices to view and play your VR game/experience
    • Google Cardboard with a phone
    • VR Headset: If you do have a VR headset, compatible models and how to access your spaces are listed here
  • We will be working in a browser based program called CoSpaces. We will manage your nerd’s account and set them up on the first day of class. *Nerds will have access to their Pro Nerding CoSpaces account for 1 month. After that, you’ll lose coding access to the spaces we created in class, but you can view and play them FOREVER and create new (though more limited) spaces!

No special supplies needed other than the technology requirements.


Your nerd will build and discover like these nerds have.

Companion Course

This is the outline of the materials they will access each day after class. Materials may include, videos, tutorials, printable sheets, short quizzes, and images. 


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Upcoming Sessions:

Spring Break Week-Long Class

March 8th – 12th (Mon-Fri)
Grades 4-6 @ 1pm – 2pm (AZ Time)
Grades 4-6 @ 2pm – 3pm (AZ Time)

class meets 1 hr per day for 5 days
All times are UTC -7 Arizona time

max 10 nerds per class




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