April Rohrer

Nerding teacher for 2nd-3rd and 4th-7th 2 years
B.A. in Business Psychology from Miami University
Owns life size R2-D2
Dresses up for Comicon

Jaime Cozza

Desert Sun Teacher
B.A. in Psycology, minor in Early Childhood Development
M.A. in Social Work from Case Western Reserve University
Mom to 2 nerds

Daniela Yuenyongsgool

Music/Yoga/German language teacher
B.A. in Education
M.A. in History and Religious Studies
Grew up in East Germany

Misty Martinez

Desert Sun Teacher 11 years
AA in Early Childhood Education
B.A. in Photographic Studies from ASU
Has absurdly large collections of sea shells, beach sand, and plastic animals


Jenn Conley

Kindergarten Teacher 7 years
B.A. in Elementary Ed and Special Ed from NAU
ESL and Early Childhood Endorsements
Taught in China for 6 months
Self-taught ukelele player and loves ultimate frisbee

Liza Richards

2nd and 5th grade teacher 11 years
Ed Tech Specialist 8 years
B.A. in Elementary Ed from Ottawa Univeristy
M.Ed. in Elementary Ed from NAU
Needs to code a program to find the kitchen

Megan Blakley

K and 1st grade teacher 5 years
B.A. in Elementary Ed from ASU
Prefers puzzles to TV

Dave Carras

4th grade gifted teacher for 11 years
M.Ed. in Elementary Ed from ASU
NASA Endeavor Fellow
Uses multimillion dollar satellites to find tupperware hidden in the woods...

Bobby Norman

2nd, 5th, 6th (Lang.Arts), and 7th grade Science teacher for 13 years
Ed Tech Specialist for Kyrene District
B.A. in Elementary Ed from ASU
M.Ed. in Educational Technology from NAU
Likes to use Google Earth and pretend he is a giant

Erin Martin

4th and 5th grade teacher 16 years
B.A. in Elementary Ed from ASU
Circuit Ninja
Clean freak... just don't open a cabinet

Marissa Cox

4th and 5th grade teacher for 12 years
B.A. in Art History from ASU
M.Ed. in Elementary Ed from ASU
As an art student, considered cutting off ear

Lisa Kiefer

K-3rd teacher for 29 years
B.A. in Elementary Ed
M.Ed. in Elementary Ed specializing in Science
Once took a class on Power Plants... voluntarily.

Niecy Westmoreland


Certified K-8 Teacher
Taught 3rd & 4th grade in Kyrene for 9 years
B.A. in Elementary Education
Educational Tech Guru
Owns light up shoes and 11 pairs of glasses