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June 7 - July 30, 2021

Week 1 | JUN 07 -11
Week 2 | JUN 14-18
Week 3 | JUN 21-25
Week 4 | JUN 28 – JUL 02
Week 5 | JUL 05 – 09
Week 6 | JUL 12-16
Week 7 | JUL 19-23
Week 8 | JUL 26-30


Drop Off & Pick Up


Classrooms open:
8:50 AM / 12:50 PM

*If you are too early, you will need to hang outside and provide supervision.

Mondays / 1st day

On the first day of class, you are required to park and walk in with your child to sign them in. This way you can meet the site directors, your teacher, and see the classroom. **COVID era drop-off procedures may be a bit different. We are working on that and will communicate it!

Rest of the Week

After day 1, you can drop off your nerd at the curb. They can walk to class and sign themselves in. There will always be a “Blue Shirt” Nerding staff standing outside supervising drop-off and campus entry!


Classrooms Close:
12:00 PM / 4:00 PM

*If you are running late, please call or text 833-NERDING. Let your teacher know at drop off if someone other than yourself will pick up.


Please park in a space, not at the curb, and come to the lobby to pick up your nerd. **Again, COVID era may be a bit different. We will likely walk your nerds all the way outside for pick-up. We will provide more details as classes approach.

Fridays / Last day

UPDATE: Due to COVID we are working on a virtual solution. Stay tuned! Arrive 45 minutes early! Every friday (or last day of class) we have the Nerd Showcase! Come one, come all – parents, family, friends. See below! If you can’t make the showcase pick up on time at end of class.

Every Friday

Nerd Showcase

Last 45 minutes of class

Every Friday, parents, family, and friends are invited into the room 45 minutes before class ends for a presentation by students about what they have learned. You get a chance to interact with what the nerds have done and built over the week.

AM Classes – arrive at 11:15 AM
PM Classes – arrive at 3:15 PM

UPDATE: Due to COVID we are working on a virtual solution. Stay tuned!

Learn more about Heartwood.

We are a Montessori school serving children through our private preschool Heartwood Montessori and our public charter serving elementary aged children, GEM Charter School. Our collective mission is to nurture a culturally diverse community by providing access to all families seeking an authentic AMI Montessori program, for the benefit of all children, by cultivating their natural capacities, capabilities and talents.