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Science & Art of Music

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SUPPLY LIST (prepare in advance)

Your nerd will be building a LOT of fun instruments this week! If you are missing any individual supply, just skip it! We have plenty of other instruments we are making and can make a modified version!

Monday: Percussion Instruments

Kitchen percussion

  •  kitchen/household items for making noise, e.g., pans, pots, empty cans or boxes, wooden spoons

Cup percussion

  •  Plastic disposable cups
  •  Clean and empty Starbucks cups with lids (and straws if from iced coffee)


  • Plastic eggs
  • Dried rice or beans
  • Masking tape or Scotch tape
  • Plastic spoons


  • Empty metal can with lid or other container with lid
  • Balloons

Tuesday: Wind Instruments

Bottle Flutes

  • Empty glass bottles with narrow-necked, e.g., 8 oz. glass Coke bottle


  • Straws, tongue depressors or popsicle sticks
  • Masking tape or scotch tape
  • rubber bands, various sizes
  • One thick rubber band- to make a harmonica


  • Toilet paper tube
  • Rubber band
  • Wax paper

Wednesday: String Instruments

Guitar or Harp

  • Sturdy box: e.g., shoe boxes or small sturdy box (box that new cell phone came in) or empty tissue box
  • 2 pencils
  • Rubber bands, various sizes

Additional supplies for making a harp

  • Extra cardboard pieces
  • Kid scissors
  • School glue

Thursday: Unusual Instruments

Water Harp

  • Various sizes of wine glasses with stems

Water Xylophone

  • 4-8 glass tumblers
  • Food coloring – optional
  • Water

Friday: Final Concert

  • Student created musical instrument/s for final concert
  • Concert Attire- optional: boys-dress shirts and ties or other collared shirt and pants, girls- dress or collared shirt and skirt or slacks