Nerding's STEM Lesson Series

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Thank you so much for your support during these crazy times! You can now support us while we work hard to bring you quality free At-Home STEM Lessons! P.S. Online STEM Courses coming soon!!! Be sure and sign up on our mailing list above for all the upcoming announcements.

Welcome to our new series!

We are hoping the best way to support our nerds right now is with these At-Home STEM Lessons. We worked hard to put out a bunch of lessons right away. We will continue to release new lessons at least weekly. Most should take about 1hr or so for your kiddos to complete. We’d love to see a picture of your build or design or whatever the lessons calls for  so we can send your nerd some encouragement! Email us at [email protected]

Lesson 11: Drop Copters

Build a drop copter and try to get the slowest drop! We included 2 different styles for you to try, but you can try your own designs, too! Try different sizes, types of paper, trim or reshape the wings, or add paperclips.

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Lesson 8: Pack a Bag for Space

Astronauts live and work on the International Space Station (ISS). Use the resources below to learn what it’s like to live there and check out the ISS when it’s visible over your city! In this lesson, you’ll also pack a bag for space!

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Lesson 7: Coding with Scratch & Scratch Jr

Code is EVERYWHERE! It’s a way to communicate with a computer and give it instructions. There are many coding languages, just like there are many languages that people speak throughout the world. A computer programmer uses a coding language to give simple but specific steps that a computer can follow. ...(read more)

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Lesson 6: Mars Rover Drop

Can you create a landing module that will protect your Mars rover (egg) from a fall? Mars is an amazing planet and learning about it helps us to understand what the earth may have been like millions of years ago! Learn about NASA’s rovers that help us study this cold, ...(read more)

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stem lesson about animal spy robots

Lesson 5: Animal Spy Bot

Robots have many jobs in our world. They not only help humans, but animals, too! They can be used to monitor ocean pollution and observe animal behavior that we have never before seen. In today's lesson, we will learn about the helpful animal spy robots and head out into nature ...(read more)

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Lesson 4: Robots

What is a robot? Technically, a robot is any machine that can do work. More specifically, it is a machine that can think, sense, and act. Robots are often designed to do specific tasks that are dangerous for humans, repetitive, or difficult. Robots have been talked about throughout history, even ...(read more)

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Lesson 3: Junkmail Shoe

Can you build a shoe from junkmail?! This engineering design challenge will take creativity and sole! (That’s a shoe pun. Get it? Like soul, but sole.) You’ll use the Engineering Design Process to Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve, and Share your shoe. This lesson will take about an hour to ...(read more)

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Lesson 2: Orangutan Jungle School

Learn about orangutans and a special school in Borneo that teaches orphaned orangutan babies what they need to survive! When you’re done, your project is to build a model of the Jungle School using recycled materials and natural items from your yard!

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