Nerding's History


Inventing Nerding

Our First Classes

Our first (adorably humble) summer. We kept it small and simple, holding classes at our house in Chandler.

  • 4 class topics
  • 1 teacher

Summer 2014

Expanded Our Space

We needed more space, and began using the great community room at Children’s Dental Village.

  • 10 class topics
  • 1 teacher

Summer 2015

Added After School Classes

Created more summer classes. The next school year we began Nerding as an after school program in Kyrene.

12 class topics
1 teacher (Niecy)

Summer 2016

Hired another teacher!

Expanded summer age groups to 2nd-3rd grades by hiring Mrs. Kiefer, and rented a small commercial space with 2 classrooms.

Grades 2-3 & 4-7
16 class topics
2 teachers

Summer 2017

Huge changes!!

The start of a new chapter. We rented the entire Desert Sun Campus in Chandler. Now 5 classrooms and expanded to grades K-1st!

K-1, 2-3, 4-7 Grade Levels
20+ class topics
13 teachers

Summer 2018

More Teachers, More Classes!

We rented the entire Desert Sun Campus in Chandler, again, adding more teachers and more classes!

30 class topics
20 teachers

Summer 2019

Expanding to 2 locations....

...What's that? Summer's cancelled?! The Pandemic hit so we pivoted to online classes. We teach kids to be resourceful, creative, curious, and to have grit! Talk about be tested on what you teach! Pivoting an entire business model in a matter of 1 month put us to the test. Well, we worked long and slept short to figured out how to save summer!  

* We became Zoom experts
* Trained our teachers how to successfully teach online
* Micah Built a NEW Learning Management System Website to support this NEW version of Nerding
* Niecy and our other awesome teachers designed 13 NEW classes that were suited to online learning
* We kept classes to small groups of no more than 8 nerds per class for 50min each day, Mon-Fri.
*Designed engaging building projects that used materials from around the house so parents didn't have to buy anything online.
* Focused first and foremost on having fun and keeping kids connected while stuck at home.

Summer was still a blast and kids and parents raved about the online classes! Kids built amazing things, learned all kinds of new things, met new friends, and stayed connected. Whew, we saved summer!

Summer 2020 (COVID-19)