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We are not a peanut or nut free campus, nor can we control children bringing peanut or nut products or any other foods your kiddo may be allergic to in their snacks or lunches. Also, the Desert Sun campus has pecan trees on the property, so please be aware of that as well.

Category: Safety

We have a first aid kit on campus to help with minor cuts and scrapes and almost all of our staff is trained in CPR and First Aid. If a kiddo is sick, we will call parents. In the event of any emergency we will call 911 and notify the child’s parents immediately.

Category: Safety

We only run our classes at school type facilities that already have emergency evacuation plans, fire extinguishers, and other general safety measures. Children are contained within the campus or building. For example, the Desert Sun playground is fenced and has a private parking lot. All non staff adults are checked in at the office. The entire Nerding staff has current AZ Fingerprint Clearance cards. Of course, no weapons are allowed on the premises.

Category: Safety

All teachers have excellent classroom management skills to help ensure the safety of the kiddos. Each teacher is fingerprinted and has been teaching in a public or private school for five to thirty years! We do use various tools in the classroom. Kids will be taught or reminded of safety measures for building supplies and tech tools. View our Parent Liability Release Agreement for specific scenarios and tools. Every single one of our teachers are kind, caring people who love kids, teaching, and STEM. They all have verified credentials like teaching certification and a fingerprint clearance, and are all around wonderful human beings.

Category: Safety

Please notify the teacher during a drop off or pick up, or please call us to let us know who it is and when the pick up will be.

Category: Safety

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