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Summer Class Refunds/Cancellation

Request a cancellation by filling out the Cancel Request Form.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 03/10/2020 : Due to the current health crisis we have relaxed our cancellation policy for this summer. The health and wellbeing of your child, our staff, and you are of utmost importance. This year we will implement very strict health standards. Any child with flu, cold, or even allergy like symptoms will not be permitted to attend class. We want you to feel confident that if your child is healthy, they will be safe attending class. We also want you to feel confident if your child is sick, you will be refunded or rescheduled with zero hassle.

We are also pledging to eliminate our *3% refund fee. 

The following is our standard refund/cancellation policy.

  • Full refunds, *minus 3%, are issued if withdrawn more than 2 weeks before class starts.
  • No refunds will be issued within 2 weeks of start date.
  • In the event a class is cancelled due to some unforeseeable reason, full refunds are issued, *minus 3%.
  • If a student is suspended or expelled from any program no refund is issued.

*Fee Transparency: Our policy for refunds have always included a minus 3% processing fee because our payment processor Stripe does not refund us the 3% processing fee collected at the time of your payment. We want you to understand this is not money we keep from your payment, it is money Stripe keeps from your payment. Out of a $100 payment Stripe takes about $3 so we see $97. If we refund you the full $100 we send back the $97 plus another $3 from our account to make it a full $100 refund. So each refund we do costs us 3%. Again due to COVID-19 we know everyone is very budget conscious so we want to make sure we refund your payment in it’s entirety, not minus 3%. We are working with Stripe to see if they can help cover some or all of the processing fee.  

*For After School Classes please contact Kyrene Community Ed

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We do not offer any discount codes, special prices, or sibling discounts. We know that coupons and discounts are a type of marketing strategy, but it just doesn’t fit well with our value of transparency. We know what our costs are to keep amazing certified teachers and awesome tech tools in our classrooms and we absolutely will not increase a class price just to give out a discount. Instead, we’re just making the cost of the class as low as possible for you… always. This way everyone pays the same low price and every nerd receives the same high value of education and experience.

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We are working on offering a teacher nominated scholarship program! Check back for more details!

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