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Escape: Lost Cities – After School

Grades 3-5

Can you break into the box in time?

"Unlock" the secrets to ancient civilizations and lost cities! Use your code breaking skills, figure out ciphers, and solve puzzles to open the box!


“Unlock” the secrets to ancient civilizations and lost cities! Pack your bags and get ready to travel the world! Learn about faraway and ancient lands and use that knowledge to crack codes, solve puzzles, and find keys! There are new wonders to explore and “escape” from each day. Bring your adventurous spirit and problem solving mind!

This class is inspired by the “Escape Room” concept, but no one gets locked in a room. Instead, we are trying to use our clues to break into our boxes with all kinds of different, crazy locks!

This class is for nerds who love histories and mysteries! And puzzles, and clues, and cyphers, and teamwork, and ah-ha moments!

After nerds solve the daily escape box challenges, they will work on several “lost cities” of their own! Inspired by the locale of the escape and what we’ve learned about it’s rich history, nerds will design and build pyramids, sarcophagi, statues, and even cities!

  • The lost cities of the 7 wonders of the world.
  • Easter Island and the Moai stone heads
  • Petra
  • Egypt and King Tut
  • Chichen Itza and the Maya
  • problem solving
  • teamwork
  • code breaking
  • ciphers


Your nerd will build and discover like these nerds have.


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