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Grades: 3-7th grade
Teacher: April Rohrer (Nerding teacher/Harry Potter nerd)

Ask your nerd: Do you love all things wizard themed–books, movies, games and sports? Do you feel like your outfit isn’t complete without your wizard robe or wand? Would you like to imagine and build wizard style designs and discuss your favorite scenes with your friends? If so, then this is the class for you!

Online Class Format
  • Your nerd will be participating in a 50-minute teacher led virtual environment using Zoom. Nerds will share their clever ideas and projects with 4-7 other students and celebrate their creations together!
  • They will then work independently for 1 additional hour finishing and testing their magical designs.
  • By enrolling in this class they will also unlock the day-by-day course materials below which will supplement their learning outside of the live Zoom session.

This is a good fit for…

This is the perfect class for nerds who would like to, imagine and build projects with a fun fantasy theme! Nerds who are curious, imaginative learners who enjoy building and experimenting to maximize the awesomeness of their creations! 

What Nerds Learn:

We will make our projects with everyday household materials, while also learning how to innovate our creations using principles of structural design and materials engineering, to construct new and exciting challenges each day! We will share our clever ideas and projects each day in class, and we’ll celebrate our successes together.

Over the 5 days of this class nerds will design and build unique creations like:

  • Wands
  • Their own castle!
  • Magical locking door
  • Astronomy tower
  • Patronus projector
  • Tabletop sports game

Gain New Nerd Skills!

In addition to learning about the engineering process and seeing it in action with our class projects your nerd will learn to persevere as they test and improve their designs. We’ll talk about how to think about continuous improvement vs. seeing limitations to designs–what could we do better as we go?

Your magical nerd will also interact with fellow kids who have similar creative interests. Watch as they share their magical knowledge and designs with the class!

Your child will be participating in a virtual environment for the 50-minute teacher led portion of the class, and will then work independently for 1-2 hours planning and building their design. This class is best suited for 3rd-7th graders.

**Tip: Gather 4-8 of your friends and we’ll set up a private class for your group of nerds!!!