Science & Art of Music

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Grades: This class is best suited for entering 2nd-4th graders.
Teacher: Mrs. Kenney (K-2 teacher/lifelong student of music)
Ask your nerd:
 Do you enjoy listening to music and wonder what it would be like to create your own? Have you ever thought about how a musician or composer imagines new music and designs a new piece of music? In this class we’ll learn about the science behind music, discover instruments, and create our own awesome instruments and musical pieces!

Online Class Format
  1. Your nerd will be participating in a virtual environment for the 50-minute teacher led portion of the class using Zoom. Nerds will share their clever ideas and projects with 4-7 other students and celebrate their successes together!
  2. They will then work independently for 1 additional hour building and testing their design.
  3. By enrolling in this class, nerds will also unlock the day-by-day course materials below which will supplement their learning outside of the live Zoom session.

This is a good fit for…

This is an amazing class for nerds who want to understand the underlying science behind sound and music, explore instruments, and discover their inner composer. We’ll learn how sound travels in waves and differing frequencies and how sound travels through air, solids, and water. We’ll also use everyday materials to design and build instruments that we can play and create our own music for.

What nerds learn:

We’ll learn by experiencing in-class demonstrations and experiments, discussing scientific elements of sound and music, and building and playing our own musical compositions. We’ll discuss how to create music and the freedom to make your own rules and designs!

Over the 5 days of this fun class nerds will imagine and create amazing musical projects like:

  • Percussion, wind and string instruments (and how the human voice is a wind instrument!)
  • Glass bottle flute
  • Plastic cup percussion and body percussion
  • Building a guitar
  • Their own musical compositions which they will share with their classmates!

Gain new nerd skills!

Curious nerds who enjoy music and instruments will enjoy this amazing class full of wonderful sounds and imaginative creations!

**Pro Tip: Gather 4-6 of your nerd’s friends and we’ll set up a private class for your group of nerds!!! Class size min-max is 5-8 including your nerd. Contact us at [email protected]