Demolition Engineering

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Are you ready to build, smash, launch, topple, crush, and learn?

Grades: This class is best suited for entering 4th-7th graders.
Teacher: Mr. Norman (has taught all the grades/sports nut)
Teacher: Mrs. Rohrer (Nerding teacher/owns life size-R2D2)
Calling all creative nerds who want to imagine, build and test your very own designs to the limit! Want to learn how to design, experiment with and improve your creations to see how strong and fast they are?

Online Class Format
  1. Your nerd will be participating in a virtual classroom for the 50-minute teacher led portion of the class using Zoom. Nerds will share their clever ideas and projects with 4-7 other students and celebrate their successes together!
  2. They will then work independently for 1 additional hour building and testing their design.
  3. By enrolling in this class they will also unlock the day-by-day course materials below which will supplement their learning outside of the live Zoom session.

Which nerds fit the bill:

This is the perfect class for nerds who like to create, assemble and then check out their design’s strength and capacity! Made with everyday household materials, we’ll learn how to innovate using principles of structural design and materials engineering to construct new and exciting challenges each day!

Be stronger, get better.

In addition to learning about the engineering process and seeing it in action with our class projects your nerd will learn to persevere as they test and improve their creations. We’ll talk about how to think about continuous improvement vs. seeing limitations to designs – what could we do more/better as we go? Your nerd will also interact with kids with similar creative interests and will make new friends as they cheer each other on!

What nerds get to build!

Over the 5 days of this class nerds will build unique projects like:

  • Wrecking balls
  • Newspaper tables
  • Catapults
  • Jousting cars

Share with other nerds.

Successful nerds are curious learners who enjoy building and experimenting to maximize the awesomeness of their creations! Nerds will share their clever ideas and projects as we go.

After this class your nerd will be able to describe the engineering process and understand the broader use of the process in school, teams, and life! We’ll practice redesigning when something doesn’t work as intended so that nerds will learn the benefit of “try and try again”.

**Pro Tip: Gather 4-6 of your nerd’s friends and we’ll set up a private class for your group of nerds!!! Class size min-max is 5-8 including your nerd. Contact us at [email protected]