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Grades: Preschool
Teacher: Jaime Cozza (Preschool Teacher & Board Game Builder)

Ask your nerd: Do you like to ask questions? Do you like to investigate the world around you and learn new things?  Would you like hands on activities where you get to learn about colors and explore how we see them in our wonderful world? Would you like to create and name your own colors?  If so, then this is the class for you!

Online Class Format
  1. Your nerd will be participating in a 50-minute teacher led virtual environment (Circle Time) using Zoom. Nerds will discuss colors and share their knowledge with 4-7 other students while celebrating their discoveries together!
  2. They will then work independently for 1 additional hour after class investigating any colors they find.
  3. By enrolling in this class nerds will also unlock the day-by-day course materials below which will supplement their learning outside of the live Zoom session.

This is a good fit for:

Nerds who would love to investigate colors, learn about colors and want to discuss colors with friends. Whether your child is just learning colors or has a high level color knowledge the format of this class allows for everyone to start from what they know. Eventually, they will collaborate with their peers to learn even more creative ways to interact with colors in our world.

This class is for 4-6 year old creative nerds who wish to color investigate, explore colors in their environment, and learn more about colors to become a Color Scientist! 

What Nerds Learn!

Each day during Circle Time we will discuss the color investigations they did the day before. We’ll learn interesting facts, do interactive activities and have discussions about colors and color mixing.

This is a very hands on and engaging class and the purpose of the class is not only to learn and have fun but also to spend time with peers. We’ll weave songs, movement, and peer sharing into the classes to encourage students to have discussions and interactions with each other. 

After class your Color Scientist will participate in investigations related to what we discussed in class. They will also make their own Scientific Journal to record their ideas, investigations, and observations about colors they see in the world around them. 

During this 5 day class your nerd will take part in exciting color investigations related to the following:

  • Primary Colors
  • Secondary Colors
  • Rainbows
  • Colors in Light
  • Magnificent Colors 

Gain New Nerd Skills!

Sharing our investigations in class will give the Color Scientist the opportunity to interact with fellow kids who have similar creative interests. Watch as they make new friends and cheer each other on!

We look forward to them sharing their findings and Scientific Journal the next day in class.  If your nerd is a curious learner who loves colors and enjoys discovering new things through experimentation, this is the class for them!

**Tip: Gather 4-6 of your friends and we’ll set up a private class for your group of nerds! Contact us at [email protected]