Audio Engineering

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Grades: This class is best suited for 7th-9th graders.
*Rare exceptions for younger kids. This class is too challenging. Contact us at [email protected]
Teachers: Mike Cozza & Micah Beverly
Prerequisites: Laptop or Desktop Computer, PC or Mac to install Audacity (Free Software)

Ask your nerd: Are you interested in music, sound and the science behind creating music? Would you like to know more about instruments and learn how to create your own sonic designs? Join this class to explore the art of making music and use music editing software to create your own amazing compositions!

Online Class Format
  • Your nerd will be participating in a 50-minute teacher led virtual environment using Zoom. Nerds will share their clever ideas and projects with 4-7 other students and celebrate their creations together!
  • They will then work independently for 1 additional hour planning and testing their musical designs.
  • By enrolling in this class they will also unlock the day-by-day course materials below which will supplement their learning outside of the live Zoom session.

This is a good fit for…

Students who enjoy musical arts and would like to learn more about sound, hearing, acoustics, and how they weave together to create songs. In addition to learning the science behind sounds, we’ll design our own music to share!

What Nerds Learn:

We’ll use a free, online software to record our own sounds and music. We’ll edits sounds to manipulate them into new, awesome melodies of our own design. We’ll talk about continually improving our pieces to capture both the technical magic and emotions of the compositions. Your musical nerd will also interact with fellow kids who have similar creative interests. Watch as they share their created sounds and designs with the entire class!

Over the 5 days of this class nerds will learn and experiment with:

  • Sound Waves
  • Hearing and Acoustics
  • Sound Placement and Localization
  • Psychoacoustics and Auditory Ilusions
  • Musical Instruments-Electronc and Homemade
  • Audio Engineering Software

Gain New Nerd Skills!

Successful nerds are curious learners who enjoy experimenting with sounds to maximize the awesomeness of their creations! Nerds will learn and brainstorm their projects with the entire class as we go.

Your child will be participating in a live 50-minute teacher led virtual portion of the class, and will then work independently for 1 hour creating and testing their audio designs. This class is best suited for 7th-9th graders.

After your nerd completes this course they will understand the broader use of audio engineering to produce sound recordings, balance and adjust sound sources using audio effects, mixing sounds and reproduction to use in school, teams, and in life!

**Tip: Gather 4-6 of your friends and we’ll set up a private class for your group of nerds!!!