Mars Rover

Digital Content for Online Mars Rover Class

Wizard STEM

Details Grades: 3-7th grade Teacher: April Rohrer (Nerding teacher/Harry Potter nerd) Ask your nerd: Do you love all things wizard themed–books, movies, games and sports? Do you feel like your outfit isn’t complete without your wizard robe or wand? Would you like to imagine and build wizard style designs and discuss your favorite scenes with your […]

Build It!

Are you creative? Do you plan and imagine big designs? Do you sometimes wish to build your own creative structures out of objects found in your home? If so, let us help you bring your big ideas to life!

Color Adventure

Do you like to ask questions? Do you like to investigate the world around you and learn new things?  Would you like hands on activities where you get to learn about colors and explore how we see them in our wonderful world? Would you like to create and name your own colors?  Then this is the class for you!

Troll Creations

It’s hug time! The trolls are having fun and causing mischief again! Can you help your troll friends engineer and design adventures while also keeping them safe from the Bergens? Each day your trolls will find themselves in new and challenging situations. It’s up to you to create exciting escapades by building contraptions and devices for your troll friends’ to avoid the Bergens!

Audio Engineering

Are you interested in music, sound and the science behind creating music? Would you like to know more about instruments and learn how to create your own sonic designs? Join this class to explore the art of making music and use music editing software to create your own amazing compositions!

The Secret Life of Farm Animals

Are you interested in farm animals and want to know what life would be like to live on a farm? Have you ever wondered what the animals do all day? In this fun class we’ll learn all about chickens, pigs, cows, horses, goats and sheep and how they contribute to life on a farm, and even have LIVE Zoom farm animal pop-ins with a real farmer!

Science & Art of Music

Do you enjoy listening to music and wonder what it would be like to create your own? Have you ever thought about how a musician or composer imagines new music and designs a new piece of music? In this class we’ll learn about the science behind music, discover instruments, and create our own awesome instruments and musical pieces!

Virtual Reality: Coding & Design

Are you interested in virtual reality games and experiences? Do you want to learn to code your own unique games that you can play in a virtual environment at home? If your answer is “Yes!” then this class is definitely for you!

Space Camp: Science & Tech

Have you ever wondered what it’s actually like in outer space? Are you super curious about our solar system, planets and Mars Rovers? If your answer to either of these questions is “Yes!” then you are the perfect nerd for this class!

3D Printing: Create & Design

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to imagine, design, and print your very own 3D creation? In this class, you will learn all about 3D printing, how it works, and learn the software to create your own unique designs! **There is an optional add-on at checkout to have your design 3D printed and shipped to you for $30. Final designs approx 4in x 4in.

Nerding Orientation – 4min

A quick 4 minute walk through for new students.
Where to find your classes, courses, profile, Zoom links, and how to get the most out of our Nerding Courses website!

STEM Survival Challenge

You’ve crash landed on the beautiful and mysterious island of Nerdlantis… It is clear that the island is full of magic, mystery, and danger! Can you use your ingenuity to exploit the natural resources of the island to survive and escape?! New fun challenges each day!

Toybox Story “Sporky Rescue”

Oh no! Sporky is trying to jump in the trash again! Can you and the rest of your toys design and execute a rescue? Each day, Sporky will be in some new peril. Build contraptions and devices to save your little friend!

Board Game Designer

Are you playing a lot of board games these days? Why not design your own?! We will study our favorites and learn about the game mechanics that keep them interesting and fun. Over the course of the week, you will design, create, test and awesomify your personal and unique game!

Demolition Engineering

Build, Test, & Destroy! This is the perfect class for nerds who like to create, assemble and then test their design’s strength and capacity!