Hold LIVE animals! Learn all about amazing animals and use awesome digital microscopes! From the jungle orangutans to the arctic polar bears, we will learn all about incredible animal species while doing fun, hands on science!

Dino Discovery

Learn about dinosaurs, fossils, and participate in your own dino excavation dig!

Use The Force

Experiment with physics t to help you understand and use the force!

Space Explorers

Join our Astronaut Training program! In this class learn about our solar system: what’s in it, how it formed, and how we are exploring it!

Secrets of Slime

Slime is cool, but how does it work? Make your own slime like gak, floam, and kinetic sand!

Intro To Code

Get your nerd interested in coding with this class where we learn to code games! Learn to code through physical coding games and Scratch Jr digital platform!