Lighting the Future: Optical Science

New class! Dive into the world of optical sciences as we make 3D glasses, pinhole cameras, and even attempt to hide from an IR camera. Discover the fascinating optical properties of everyday items and learn how engineers are using light to create epic technologies.

Mythical Forest: Art & Engineering

Enter the mythical forest and use art and engineering to rescue mythical creatures. Create 3D clay and plaster sculptures, and tackle engineering design challenges. Develop problem-solving skills with the Engineering Design Process, learn about materials engineering, color theory, and building techniques.


Hold LIVE animals! Learn all about amazing animals and use awesome digital microscopes to see the micro-world! From the jungle orangutans to the arctic polar bears, we will learn all about incredible animal species while doing fun, hands on science!

Dino Discovery

Mini Paleontologists delve into the past, touching real fossils and creating model fossils. Learn about dinosaur types, lifestyles, extinction, and fossil formation. Participate in ancient safaris, field journals, dino digs, and more, while exploring various projects for young dinosaur enthusiasts.

Virtual Reality: Design & Code

Learn the mechanics of how virtual reality (VR) works and develop your very own VR games! Code using a block-based coding language and create everything from digital zoos to obstacle courses then enter your games and 3D spaces using our VR headsets!

Rock Detectives

Embark on a geological adventure! Explore rocks, minerals, and fossils in a fun, hands-on way. Create edible rocks, grow dazzling crystals, and make mini volcanos. Dive into the world of spelunking and start a rock collection to show off. Curious young minds will love this playful, interactive class!

Graphic Design: Make Shirts & Stickers

Master the art of graphic design using vector software to create custom t-shirts and stickers. Learn color balance, visual composition, and typography. Transform your designs into vinyl stickers and heat-pressed t-shirt prints, combining creativity and technology for artistic fun!

Sound Lab

**BACK for 2023! This awesome class is BACK with Mr. Devlin, an amazing guitar player and former teacher/principal! Learn about the science behind sound and music, discover instruments, and create our own crazy instruments and do sound experiments!

Escape: Lost Cities

“Unlock” the secrets to ancient civilizations and lost cities and use that knowledge to crack codes, solve puzzles, and find keys! Inspired by the “Escape Room” concept, but no one gets locked in a room. Instead, we use our clues to break into our crazy lock boxes!

3D Printing & Design

Learn all about 3D printing, how it works, and learn the software skills you’ll need to create your own unique designs! Take home several mini-prints and watch your final project print on our eight classroom 3D printers! Nerds love to repeat this class! Returning Nerds welcome!