Animals & Habitats

Grades K-1

animals habitats STEM class kids
New for Summer 2020!! - Learn about animals and their habitats through hands-on discovery activities!
model animal homes
animal tracks
animal habitats
animal traits

Class Description

New for Summer 2020!! – Learn about animals and their habitats through hands-on discovery activities! Oceans, deserts, jungles, and even the arctic tundra are full of life and animals to discover. Investigate what animals need to survive and design shelters, dens, or nests to help them thrive! *Note: This class can be messy!

Class Structure: Grades K-1

Our Mini Nerds classes for grades entering K-1, are designed and taught by the amazing preschool and kindergarten teachers at Desert Sun. They are a montessori style class and include tons of engaging stations and hands on activities. Typically, each day starts with a short lesson during circle time, followed by time to explore outdoor stations if weather permits. The Desert Sun campus is well shaded and many of the outdoor stations incorporate water, so our minis stay cool, but we also watch the temperature, especially in afternoon classes. The nerds eat a snack from home and head back inside for another short lesson followed by indoor building activities and more stations. Exploration is paused again for the last short lesson and songs as we wrap up the class. Mini nerds classes tend to be messy!

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Summer 2020

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Policy Cancellation

UPDATE: Coronavirus COVID-19

Due to the current health crisis we have relaxed our cancellation policy for this summer. The health and wellbeing of your child, our staff, and you are of utmost importance. This year we will implement very strict health standards. Any child with flu, cold, or even allergy like symptoms will not be permitted to attend class. We want you to feel confident that if your child is healthy, they will be safe attending class. We also want you to feel confident if your child is sick, you will be refunded or rescheduled with zero hassle.

Standard Cancellation Policy

  1. Full Refund if you give us MORE THAN a 14 day notice from the first day of class.
  2. *No refund if you give us LESS THAN a 14 day notice.

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