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S.T.E.M. for Kids ages 8-12

Self-paced versions of our 5-day classes. Complete the challenges at your own pace. Curriculum is designed for kids to work independently with little to no adult help. Our courses are desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly so your kiddos can work anywhere, anytime. 

Any where. time. NERD!

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Self-Paced · Any Device

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What You will Need


What to expect before enrolling.

Ages 8-12

Course curriculum is designed for ages 8-12. But younger nerds, with help from an older sibling, can absolutely participate. We are teachers, so the curriculum is well thought out for this age group. But, even us adults had fun building the example projects.


How long will it take to finish a course? We think 5 days. That would be one project per day. The structure is such to allow for about 2hrs per project. That includes the time to watch the course videos and kids to build their projects. 


Here is the best news ever…you don’t need to buy any kits or specific materials. Your nerd will use materials found around the house like recyclables and other items. Of course, you’ll want tape. Probably a lot of tape.


How Courses Work

What to expect.

Story & Challenge

We use a creative story to set the scene and present the challenges.

STEM Lesson

Your nerd learns the science needed to solve the STEM challenges presented in the story.

Build Project

We encourage your nerd to be resourceful, work independently, and be a creative problem solver. Growth Mindset strategies are peppered throughout the course to support your nerd as they build their project.

Sharing & Connecting


We are actively involved with your nerd’s experience

Nerd Gallery

Even though our courses are online and usually worked on independently by all you nerds out there, we love to receive photos or short videos of your projects. This helps inspire other nerds in the courses as they build their own projects. send to [email protected]

Personal Videos

Want the course to feel like it was made just for your nerd? Reach out to us (Niecy and Micah) and we will email you a personalized inspirational video encouraging your nerd. A video before they start, after day 2, and one when they complete the course! Contact Us for more details.

Project Feedback

We love receiving emails from parents and nerds showing us their projects and discoveries. We always have time to respond. In fact we kind of feel left out if we don’t get your emails!! ha. We really want to feel a part of your course experience. Say hi at [email protected]

Word on The Street

Parent Feedback

and some feedback from the nerds themselves!

"My daughter had the BEST time in Survival STEM Challenge online class! She loved participating each day. Every time I watched her she was fully engaged, learning and giggling with the class. I love that you were able to transition these in-person classes and make them just as interesting for the students to take virtually. The independent projects were fun for her to do on her own, or with us. Such a great way to keep them thinking and learning while stuck at home. Thank you!


Online classes | May 2020

"My kids LOVE Nerding classes and pester me each year to make sure I sign them up. The classes are so well run and I'm amazed at how many talented and amazing teachers they have on staff. We can't wait for the online classes!"


Online classes | June 2020

"My family LOVES Nerding classes! Our oldest daughter took her first Nerding class four years ago, which sparked her love for everything STEM related, and since then, she and her sister have become total science nerds! "


Online Classes | May 2020

“As a woman with a Masters Degree in a science educational field, it’s vital to me that I surround my 3 daughters with strong women STEM role models at a young age to build their STEM confidence. NERDING has been life changing for their STEM IQ, passion for science, confidence development, and vision for STEM careers that they are truly capable of. On top of that, it’s unbelievably fun!!”


Online Classes | June 2020

"We have Have been die-hard fans of Nerding for 5 years. Their in-person classes are top notch and I'm confident they will rock this online learning space too! I can't believe how fast they put this all together! -Update: Now that our son has taken the online class we signed up for, we were right, Nerding has delivered a great live online learning experience. Thank you!!"

Grant S.

Summer Camp /. June 2019

"My daughter always feels empowered to use her brain in new ways after Nerding. She learns way more than is taught in the class and we I can't wait to build on her "homeschooling" with Nerding this spring!"


Online Classes / June 2020

The Benefits

Why Nerding Digital Courses

Your Nerd will love them.


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