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Invented in Chandler AZ · For Nerds, By Nerds STEM Classes for
Kids Grades K-7

Nerding specializes in cutting-edge, exciting STEM classes for kids! We believe in preparing children for the 21st century by teaching core principles in science, technology, engineering, and “making”. We have quickly become a valley leader in STEM education due to our engaging teacher-developed curriculum, thoughtful grade level groupings, low student-to-teacher ratio, and only hiring the very best certified and experienced teachers. Watch your nerd’s STEM interest and passion skyrocket with our unique class topics and modern technology, all in a safe, professional, and fun environment. Further your skills or discover what kind of nerd you are at Nerding!

Based in Chandler, Arizona. We teach in locations across the East Valley.

Micah and Niecy from Nerding: "Feel free to contact us with any questions!"


Micah & Niecy

Invented, guided, and powered by these two local nerds! Niecy – Arizona 3rd & 4th grade teacher for 9 years, curriculum guru, nerd whisperer, maker, and owner of light up shoes. Micah – guitar teacher, business entrepreneur, web and graphic designer, and owner of fancy espresso machine. Micah and Niecy live in Chandler buried under a pile of 3D printers, robots, computers, and tech gadgets.

experienced Nerding teacher working with nerds


With a passion for S.T.E.M. and over 5 years of experience each, our teachers make all the difference in your child’s comprehension.

ten to one student to teacher ratio

10:1 Student to
Teacher Ratio

Personalized learning and maximum engagement happens when teachers can focus on an individual child’s needs.
Divided into groups by grade level

Grouped by
Grade Levels

We separate the classes by grade levels K-1, 2-3, and 4-7, to make sure your child will be properly challenged by the content.

Curriculum developed by certified teachers

Teacher Developed

All of our courses and content were developed by experienced teachers for thorough comprehension.

MAY 26 - JULY 17​

Summer Nerding

We are excited to announce we have grown to two locations! Join us for 8 weeks of classes at Desert Sun and 5 weeks of classes at Eduprize.
Chandler – Desert Sun | May 26 – July 17
Gilbert – Eduprize | June 8 – July 10 NEW!

Nerding Summer STEM Classes For Kids - Kids Holding Up Thumbs

Nerding Class Topics

Class Catalogue

Expert Guidance

Certified Teachers

  • Arizona Teacher Certification

  • 5+ Years of Experience

  • Strong Classroom Management Skills

  • Passion For S.T.E.M. Topics

Not Summer Yet?

After School

We currently offer after school classes in the Kyrene school district. More Info






Monte Vista

Community Appreciation

What Parents Are Saying:

“These are the BEST classes and his Nerding teacher is AMAZING! My third grade son absolutely loves science and these classes engage his interest and thinking skills at a whole new level! He is always eager to share with me what he did and the concepts learned in class each week. Thanks for all that you do!”

Alice M

After School Classes | 2018

“R LOVED the classes and I really liked coming to his final day to watch his rocket launch for Space Science. You are fantastic. You have such a fun adventurous spirit and I think the kids really respond to that. R actually modified his rocket for his first ever science project. He retained the information and loved it.”

Julie L

Summer Camp | 2018

“M LOVED it. He learned a TON and you built so much background knowledge into their brains that it will come back to them as they learn more and more about space! Bottom line for me is that if M loved it, and felt safe and confident about his experience, it was a win for all of us! He will be back!”

Kathleen B

After School Classes | 2018


Summer is coming!